Microsoft PowerPoint

Training is available for all versions of PowerPoint




Introductory PowerPoint

Basic typing skills and Windows Introduction or equivalent experience

Introduces the experienced Windows user to the basics of presentation with PowerPoint.  Topics include: creating, editing, saving and printing slides; inserting and reorganizing slides in Outline View; working with Slide Masters; changing Placeholders; working in Slide View; adjusting slide backgrounds; changing AutoLayouts; working with Drawing Tools; creating MS Graph; creating an Organization Chart; applying Builds and Transitions; running Slide Shows; and setting printing options.

Advanced PowerPoint

Intermediate PowerPoint or equivalent experience

 Introduces the experienced PowerPoint user to the more powerful aspects of PowerPoint.  Topics include: modifying Toolbars and Templates; changing Background Objects and Shading; creating distinctive text with WordArt; inserting pictures without Placeholders; using graphics from other presentations; creating animated slides; preparing presentations with branching and hidden slides; creating Notes Pages and Audience Handouts; using the PowerPoint viewer; creating and running Play Lists.