Microsoft Excel

Training is available for all versions of Excel




Introductory Excel

Basic typing skills and Windows Introduction or equivalent experience

Introduces the experienced Windows user to the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel.  Topics include: creating, editing, saving and printing spreadsheets; adjusting column widths and moving cells; formatting numbers, text and cells; automatically filling a series of numbers; understanding formulas and functions; formula construction including relative and absolute cell references; using AutoSum and AutoCalculate; modifying the appearance of worksheets with color, borders and shading; previewing and printing worksheets; adjusting page setup options.

Advanced Excel

Introductory Excel  or equivalent experience

Introduces the experienced Excel user to the more powerful aspects of Excel.  Topics include: working with multiple worksheets; build, sort and filter lists of information; freezing frames for increased readability of large worksheets; using 3d cell references for formulas which access multiple worksheets; creating Macros; using Named Ranges as time savers; creating Pivot Tables; manipulating worksheet data by compiling subtotals; using Function Wizard for easy creation of difficult formulas.