Backup Services

Backing up your documents, photos, music and other important files is one of the most important actions your can perform with your computer.  It should be done on a regular basis to an external hard drive or to the cloud.  This protects you against hardware failures (hard drive, motherboard, etc.) and infection from malware.  A current and very prevalent malware threat is ransomware  If your PC is attacked by ransomware files, photos, etc. are encrypted.  When you try to access them, you will not be able to unless you have the decryption key.  You are then instructed to send hundreds of dollars (like $800) to a website to purchase the key.  If you're lucky, you will receive the key and it will work.  For many people, one or both of those outcomes never happens.  The only solution for you is to restore your files from a backup.

There are even worse threats to your computer from environmental occurrences like fire or flood in your home or business place.  Here the only solution is to restore your files from a backup to a replacement computer.  Computer Tamer® can set up an automatic backup schedule for you or we can perform the backups periodically on site or remotely.  Just call us